And you thought mysteries weren’t scary.


As I near the end of my first novel, panic starts to set in. Is it good enough, will it be liked?  Scarier still, finding and paying an editor. Holy book bind Batman! From what I’ve heard so far on FB groups, this is the one area you have to shell out for.

I’ve seen $2 – $3 a page, is it 81/2 x 11 size page, double spaced?! This could get really scary. I’ve heard this is one thing you don’t want to skimp on. How embarrassing would it be for the public to find spelling or grammar errors after the book is published?

I’ve also heard they look for story errors and plot holes. I can’t even imagine doing this myself. I will get some folk to read the final first draft when I get it finished. Hopefully this will catch plot line oops, or holes, along with grammar and spelling problems.

Then after the expense and nail biting of sending my book to an editor, comes the time to find an agent, or self publish. I have to admit, I want my book on the shelf at the local bookstore. It’s a toss up which would generate more money, but eh, who cares?

I have been an artist for years and I’ll admit I have a HUGE ego. I want to see my book on the self. I want to do a book signing, and have people standing in line to have me sign my latest novel for them. I want to advertise my latest novel on FB and have a website. I want to go to writers retreats and conventions to rub elbows with other writers.

So back to earth, editing, then finding an agent, which will find a publisher to put my novel to the presses. Then… a small percentage of the book sales come to me. Let’s face it I would rather have the thrill, than the money. Sounds easy enough right?


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